Thursday, October 29, 2009

Awesome words from a dream, Wow!

This came to me in a dream, and awed me, knew I had to share it, Wow!

Come, all you broken in heart, all you crushed in spirit, all who recognize you can’t do it in your own strength, Come! Come you weary ones, Come you ones without hope, Come those seeking Me without knowing Me, Come! Come you ones under heavy trials, you ones in the midst of the storm, you ones feeling all alone in your difficult life situations, Come! Come you who feel you can’t be forgiven, the only sin I can’t forgive is those considering the works of My Holy Spirit to be the works of satan. Come! Come kneel at My Feet, I will pick you up, and dry your tears, I will restore your broken hearts, and crushed spirits, I will give you My Strength to replace your own, I will give rest for your weariness, I will give you My Hope for your despair, I will find you in your seeking, and give you Knowledge of Me for your ignorance of Me, I will carry you through the trials replacing your burdens with My Peace that surpasses all your understanding, I will calm your every storm with My Words, I will so fill you with My Presence that you will know you aren’t alone, I will forgive your sins, and heal you of the effects of your sin, it is why I suffered on the Cross for you. My Heart and My Father’s are one, We are willing that no one should perish, We love all of you so much, so come believe in Me, come and trust in Me, and we shall be together in Paradise when Our Father has made the Earth anew, Come!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Homesick, my newest poem

Autumn makes me homesick
Longing for reds, oranges and browns
Here in Calgary
Yellows alone are around
Grew up in Montreal and Ontario
Where all the glorious colors of Autumn
Unfurl their skirts to the soon to be bare trees and gentle autumn sky
As the leaves fall in one last dance of skirts swirling to their dance partner the cold autumn wind
twirling around in air until they lie on the ground
one day soon they will feel their last embrace
eager or indifferent feet crunching them underfoot in the city
a squirrel deer or other woodland creature in the woods
laughing children jumping into the delightful crunch of leaves piled high
a landscaper's rake gathering them into bags for disposal
Those left on the ground will shiver as the snow covers them in a final sleep but
They will live again baby leaves in Spring unfurling their tiny green skirts
To their mother the Sun growing once more into their beautiful colors of Autumn
As the circle of life continues for everyone
I'm homesick for more than the colors
I miss our family united as one
no memories of an abusive childhood estranging me from my mother and father
knowing how to contact my oldest brother 19 years since last we talked
An ordinary Christmas with my loving family all around me
Last time was Christmas 2004
I feel orphaned with no siblings
Like an autumn leaf abandoned by the wind
lying on the forest floor wrapped only in a thin red skirt
against the autumn night's chill.
God's Love is there for the orphan
it covers me like a thick warm blanket
restoring me body and soul
I have a loving Father again,
and a loving Brother Jesus,
I dance in gratitude swirling my purple skirt of royalty
before the King of Kings.
Written By Kerri Wickhorst,
Through God's Blessing,
And For His Glory Alone.