Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Gift Of Your Presence, As Opposed To your presents

Just wanted to encourage everyone in my situation -- too broke for gifts -- the best gift you can give family and friends is the gift of your presence, not your presents -- gifts can get broken, be eaten and the packaging thrown away and forgotten, be the wrong size, be inappropriate w/o the giver knowing, but for your friends and family who love you, your presence, the sound of your voice, the way you look, the way you hug and kiss them, is always the most special gift of all -- don't feel inadequate because you aren't giving gifts, you are, yourself a beautiful and precious gift, just the way you are:) I consider all of you, my friends, as precious gifts:)

For my Christian friends in my situation, the best Christmas gift you can give Jesus is your believing, humbled, sincerely repentant heart, it is for this that He died for us.

Bank accounts don't tell how much you are worth, the Cross says how much you are worth, Jesus would have died just for you, if you had been the only person ever to be born on this Earth!

Merry Christmas, my precious gifts, my precious friends, Love you all!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Where and Why My Journal Posts Have Disappeared

Hi Gang,

Most of you saw journal entry posts here, well I've created a new blog strictly for those, if you still want to read old and new entries of my on-line blog journal, the link for that is: ! The reason for this is, I feel it was causing some confusion, when I directed people here to read my poetry, and I hadn't written a poem in a while, only graphic journal entries. I also feel it may have turned some people off of my blog, because of the lingering harm caused by my childhood suffering, and the graphic nature of that suffering, as it came out of me in new memories. I'm leaving my Christian testimony here, making sure it has a graphic warning attached to it, because I feel it's important for all people reading this blog to know what God has delivered me out of. Why? You may well ask, it's not for my glory, or to have people pity me, or to have people feel I'm some sort of superwoman for surviving such extreme abuse, but rather, for God's Glory and Honor, so that we may together rejoice in what He has done for me. It is only because of His Grace, and for His Purpose that I survived such horrors. Now all who come here can enjoy reading the poetry He has written through me, without fear of a post being instead, a graphic journal entry sounding like something out of a horror movie.

Take Care,

Christmas Wonder, a new poem:)

Christmas Wonder

Gentle Baby Jesus dreaming,
Nestled deep in manger straw and hay,
Warmly swaddled against the night's chill
What do You dream of?
Are you dreaming of Your Father's, Our Father's Kingdom and the joy of being with Him?
For now You rest in sweetly smelling hay
Secure in Mary's Love and Joseph's protection.
The angels' lullaby sounding sweetly in Your ears.
Honored by wise kings and humble shepherds.
Welcomed joyfully on Christmas Day into the hearts of Christians for the
two millennia that have passed since Your birth,
that changed the destiny of all humankind from eternal death to eternal life by Your amazing sacrifice of love for us all.
How blessed we all are by Your willingness to be on Earth with us all,
So very long ago!
Thank You for Your Tender Love!

by Kerri Wickhorst,
Through God's Blessing,
And For His Glory Alone.