Friday, September 11, 2009

Freedom Never Dies, My Poem In Memory of 9/11/01

Freedom Never Dies -- In Memory of 9/11/01:
The Lady Liberty seemed to stand alone, As the planes flew in on their mission of destruction. But our Lord Jesus was weeping helplessly, His Loving Arms enfolding her, enfolding all of New York in great tenderness. Satan and the terrorists his servants seemed to have won but they never crushed America’s spirit of liberty. Many heroes died that day, defending freedom -- my thoughts go out my heart goes out to Todd Beamer the passengers of Flight 93, and the many rescue workers who died trying to save others, and their families. He wept and enfolded Washington and Shanksville in great tenderness later that day. I know my Savior suffered with all of us that day. Freedom never dies -- it may suffer -- it may be forced to go underground in oppressed nations but freedom’s light shines on unwaveringly, for it is powered by the Light of the World, Jesus, who paid the price for our salvation and our freedom with His Precious Blood. Lady Liberty’s torch shone through the dust, shone through the darkness, bringing the light of hope to the weary New Yorkers, to a weary grieving nation disheartened by the events of a very horrible day. As a Canadian, I grieved, and I grieve with thee, I prayed and I pray with thee and for thee, for I love you all, today and always! Not only the towers fell that day, hardened hearts fell to their knees, the lost sought out Jesus in tears, suddenly it was okay to mention God again in the media. In pain, shock and confusion, a nation and the world sought out the only answer Jesus Our Lord, for He has never left us nor forsaken us. America’s Bald Eagle wings were broken under the weight of grief and terror, but they have healed, and freedom flies again. We must hold on, We must keep rolling out to do the work of Our Lord in this world. If humanity gives up, and loses its resolve, then this world will grow darker than the skies over New York that September morning. While justice must be sought, we must never seek out vengeance, for vengeance breeds hatred, and hatred is the enemy of love breeding violence for its own sake. May God Bless and protect America, and May He Bless Us All.

By Mrs. Kerri Wickhorst,
Through God’s Blessing,
And For His Glory Alone.
Sept 11, 2002 by Mrs. Kerri Wickhorst all rights reserved.

A Note To Poetry or Book Publishers
You have my permission to freely publish the above poem in a magazine, or in a book, without asking me if you can do it -- with the stipulation that all profits made by that magazine or book be donated to families of the 9/11/01 victims, to help rebuild their lives. I make this stipulation knowing full well that I have never been nationally published in Canada or the States, and never internationally published. I do not want to cheapen the spirit of the victims or their families by making a profit from the publication of this poem. Please use my name that I may one day be a published poet and writer which is my lifelong dream -- that’s all I ask.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

How Purrfectly Sweet A New Poem!

How Purrfectly Sweet
Snuggled into each other,
Two cats
Wrapped warmly in love,
I think when my eyes close in sleep,
I'm snuggled up warm on Father God's lap
Safe, secure, and peaceful
My burdens lying by His Cross
If foolishly I take those too heavy to carry on my own
He whispers on the wind "Let me help you carry them"
How wonderfully cativating to think of peaceful deep sleep
Wrapped in paws of love
Perhaps to a cat, Father God is Daddy Cat,
and they rest peacefully in between His Paws.
I only know the sweetness of resting on His Lap,
As a weary child rests in the arms of a good parent,
Until the morning sun rises and awakens me.

By Kerri Wickhorst, aka Wise Poetess,
Through God's Blessing,
And For His Glory Alone.

P.S. What a lovely first birthday gift for me, a new poem, Hurrah, my birthday is Sunday September 6th, it's currently 1:19AM, and I've just turned 44! Take care all!!