Friday, January 29, 2010

Mother, my new poem:)

Dedicated to Cal Zastrow, whose incredible courage was the inspiration!

(Written January 28, 2010)

I'm the child in your womb,
Why won't you love me?
I cannot speak,
why kill me?
I can bless the world,
What if I will have the knowledge to completely cure cancer?
Will you take my life, and sentence cancer patients to needless pain and death?
Oh Mother,
I saw Jesus before I came,
He loved me, and smiled at me.
He sent me to live.
He has a purpose for my life.
I silently scream I want to live!
I hope to see you Mother,
Or to see the new parents you've allowed to adopt me,
so many couples with empty arms would welcome me!
Mother please, I'm pleading with you to let me live,Whatever it is that has you wanting to murder me...
It can be overcome.
There will be people to support you and me
Oh Mother, please turn away,
don't murder me today...

By Kerri Wickhorst,

Through God's Blessing and,
For His Glory Alone.

Two Roses, New Poem, a wedding present to two very dear friends:)

Written November 14, 2009
Dedicated to A. K. and S. B. on their wedding day, November 15, 2009
Two Roses
Two roses one white, one red
Meeting in God’s Heavenly Garden
Finding almost heavenly love on Earth
Roots joining together for a lifetime of care
Waiting for Jesus to come again
To share an eternity of love on the New Earth
My wedding prayer for you, Shaun and Ardelle
Is that you will keep your faith in God and your love for each other
From this day, and for all eternity
Through the hopefully few storms
Your lives may have to bear
Endure to the end with me my friends
And we will share an eternity of joyful fellowship
In the Kingdom of His Love

By Kerri Wickhorst,
Through God’s Blessing,
And For His Glory Alone.