Friday, March 5, 2010

Face Of The Trinity

(Written February 26, 2010)

Face Of The Trinity

I see the Face of God,
Spinning in the sky,
Two eyes together,
One close by
The large circling galaxy is Father God's eye,
The tiny spinning centre of it, is the Holy Spirit,
Connected by a thread, Jesus' eye floats in space,
I'm thinking Of Father God's vast mercy and,
The tenderness of His Amazing Grace
The Love we can all receive
If we but call on His Name.
I know it's fanciful,
Earthly eyes cannot see His Face,
A galaxy cannot contain Him
He's bigger than all space.
Jesus and the Holy Spirit
Mystically combined,
We may not understand it,
But in those three our only hope of peace on Earth and,
In our individual hearts is found.
Waiting patiently for the day,
When my sorrows are over and,
I fly away.

By Kerri Wickhorst,
Through God's Blessing,
And For His Glory Alone.

A Message For The Precious Daughters Of King Jesus

I feel certain in heart and mind that Jesus or God the Father wrote this message through me today, I write this in all humility, I'm only God's Pen, no more or less worthy of any other human being that He died for to receive and share this message. Usually He writes poetry through me, today He chose to write this through me. It needs to be shared, and begins below:

My Precious Daughters,
Come to Me I will remove the chains placed upon you by your false fathers, the ones who proved themselves unfaithful to the charge I placed upon them, your nurturing and care.

Rise up and walk into Your Freedom, knowing that You are Precious in My Eyes, the lies of the past told to you by your false fathers, that chained and claimed you for the enemy of your souls, their power is broken if you will only freely give to me your opened hearts and allow me in to heal and free all of you of your brokenness.

Only come, my precious ones, my own, today is your day of freedom and fully renewed strength in taking My Strength for your weakness, today is your day to realize how fully you are loved and worthwhile, it is why I came to die for you, throw off the chains of being unworthy, and worthless, if that were so, I never would have come to save you. I will remove the scales from your eyes, helping you to embrace your beautiful true selves in spirit and in truth. Rise up in the beauty and strength of who you uniquely are, for their are many of the lost to win, and many daughters who must be freed as I have freed you. You must choose to come freely, my daughters, for as always you are free to choose, I only ask you to choose me, and your joy will be for all eternity. Come and choose abundant life, so many of you have not because you ask not -- Come!

Humbled and in tears, by His Great Love for us all.

One With All His Creation

(Written February 2, 2010)

One With All His Creation

I sit on the sand, and yet am one with it,
gritty, still and quiet,
The sea shapes me, but I am also one with the sea
constantly in motion, a salty tang in the air,
home to living creatures,
One also to the air
Sounds born in me,
Symbol of the Holy Spirit's Breath,
transportation gateway to birds,
and one with the birds,
Flying beautifully,
inspiring humanity,
I am also myself,
woman sitting on a beach,
conscious of sea, sand, air,
bird and sea sounds, smells, and tastes.
Part of all life, and yet distinctly myself,
Part of all the universe, and yet living on my one small planet,
in the midst of its vastness.
Conscious too, of the beauty of this one tiny world,
which Father God created for me, and for us all,
In spite of some of humanity's attempts to destroy it,
There is still so much beauty left on Earth!
Help us, Father God, to choose conservation,
over destruction,
to choose repairing, over ravaging,
to choose saving life, over killing life.

By Kerri Wickhorst,
Through God's Blessing and,
For His Glory Alone.