Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Waiting By The Threshold Of Our Hearts

Waiting By The Threshold Of Our Hearts

Jesus You stand there by the doors of our hearts, crying as You wait
We’ve shut You out, as willfully as a disobedient child,
Sin having it’s moment of pleasure, deeply regretted later,
Or, confused and deceived by the enemy of our souls,
Feeling unworthy because once more we’ve slipped and fallen from Your Will.
You are patient, but…
Hate to see us in so much pain,
You shake Your Head in compassion, never condemnation
“Do they not know they are worth so much?
Their every sin I carried on my Cross,
How I wish they would come home!
You wait alertly, watching for one of us to come to ourselves and realize,
We can come home we are so worthy of Your Love,
Or to realize we need to confess, sincerely repent, and try again
Your Arms of Love are waiting and open,
Eager to sweep us up and restore us,
As we lie broken and sobbing at Your Feet.
You whisper of our worth, and Your Mercy, but,
Ever the Gentleman, You wait… never do You Force Your Way In.
A Heart’s Door opens, and confused one of us stumbles and begins to walk back to You with trembling knees.
In an instant, You meet us halfway, before we can speak,
We are in Your Loving Arms, Your Nail Scarred Hands embrace us
You listen as we sincerely repent, then wash us clean, replacing our filthy rags anew with Your Robe Of Righteousness,
Heaven throws a party celebrating that we are home.
Gentle Jesus, help us to stay close, and close our ears and our hearts to the enemy’s lies for You are so willing to love us, just the way we are, while encouraging us to be the best we can be with our gifts, talents and lives at the service of Your Kingdom.
Thank You for Your Cross, Your Never Failing Love, and Mercy
Most especially that we can always come home.

Written By Kerri Wickhorst,
Through God’s Blessing,
And for His Glory Alone.

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